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Irv Gotti, the rap mogul who founded Murder Inc. Records, brought a fresh-faced Ashanti onto the team in the early 2000s. Not too long after that, she released her self-titled album in 2002. Rumors had swirled about a potential affair between the two at the time, though Ashanti has never publicly commented on the matter. Ashanti Expertly Responds to Questions About Nelly, Irv Gotti and Dating on WWHL Celebrity By TooFab Staff 12/9/2019 12:09 PM PT Kylie Jenner Sizzles During Winter Wonderland Getaway View Photos ... Irv Gotti is sharing his truth. For years, the Murder Inc mogul was plagued with rumors about having an 'affair' with former protégé Ashanti. A rumor he says Wendy Williams started. So, in a ... Irv Gotti was previously married to Debbie Lorenzo. Irv Gotti has been in relationships with Ashanti (2001 - 2004) and Trinidad Mann . Irv Gotti has had an encounter with Karrine Steffans (2000) . There have been tons of chatter surrounded around Gotti’s past relationship with Ashanti ever since a recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York that insinuated that they had an affair. But ... Irv Gotti Talks Beef With Ashanti ‘Everyone Knows I Don’t F*** With Her’ Things are still a little tense between Irv Gotti and his former Murder Inc. labelmate Ashanti . Gotti was dishing on an upcoming Murder Inc. tour on WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop: New York and said he’s not comfortable with some of the people who will be there.

[Table] IAmA: I'm Charlamagne Tha God from MTV2's "Guy Court" #Codegang ASK ME ANYTHING.

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Hey Charlamagne, I love the breakfast club, and have been a big fan of yours ever since I heard you speak on Kanye being a walking contradiction.(I still love Ye, but like you I don't like Kanye Kardashian) I respect your opinion on a lot of things, and thanks to your words of wisdom(I can see Envy and Angela shaking their heads already) I'm living my own truth in ways I wasn't before watching you on youtube everyday while on break. I've agreed with 95% of what you've said, and furthered my understanding of hip hop culture, and rap music, but there is one issue I don't feel you on, which leads me to my question. In your interview with Talib Kweli, you say that you believe that men should be allowed to have multiple wives, but women should not be allowed to have multiple husbands. While I agree that western civilization has trouble accepting polygamy as a viable option for marriage, and that consenting adults should be allowed to partake in polygamy if they want, I don't understand why you think Men should be allowed a right that women aren't. In the interests of gender equality, and assuming that polygamy was legalized tomorrow, shouldn't men and women have the same rights to have mulitple wives/husbands? In regards to polygyny, or polyandry, isn't it an unfair double standard to say Men can partake in this, but women can't? It's as simple as this. When guys have multiple women we are considered macks, pimps, when chicks bang a lot of guys they are hoes. I didn't create those rules. It's the law of nature!!
Do you find it interesting that sometimes (well a lot of the time) when you do interviews on The Breakfast Club, Envy doesn't really know a lot about the talent he's interviewing? Do you think he should do a little more research? Envy does do research. He's just an idiot.
What are your thoughts on Kanye's new video? Terrible. It looks like something that should air on public access television. It looks like one long Vine Video. That video could have been dope if he would have put Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad in starring as him and Kim. Shit would have been funny.
Glad I caught one so early, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? Funniest thing ever happened to me. Last thing I can remember is me peeing outside and my cousin telling me that I have to register as a sex offender and for some reason I laughed so hard that I sharted on myself.
You're an opinionated guy, and it can be tough to change your opinion once you've taken a public stance on something. Have you ever done a 180 on something? What was it? What made you flip? Well alot of my opinions are just based on music. So yes my opinions change about certain artist. It's just all based on the quality of their work. Also personalities like I used to be a huge fan of Kanye West but this new guy Kanye Kardashian can't stand him i'm hoping he gets back to reality and makes me like him again.
off, I hope that guy court can boost you into centre stage — we need people with personalities such as yours to cut the bullshit and ask the questions that are on everyone's mind. Your interviews on Vlad and The Breakfast Club have taught me a great deal about rap battles, gang bangs, and perspectives on current celebrity culture. Are pig roasts or sexual acts involving two guys and a girl a violation of the guy code? Have you ever been in a similar situation? - Has there been anyone that you've really wanted to sit down/meet/interview that you haven't had the chance to, and why? What would you ask them? EDIT: One more: - After you talk to guests on the show in the way that you do (i.e. sucking a fart out of a girls butthole), what's the real success rate of them actually seeing you off of the show? It's not dick riding when you show love bro! It's all good! I've never heard what your describing as a pig roast? Running trains yes i've done that in my day but I don't prefer it because sadly i'm an intimate guy and I like kissing and shit so I can't do all that if i'm "Pig Roasting" a woman. It's nobody I actually want to interview. It's more so like hey such and such is coming to "The Breakfast Club" and i'm like ok cool. That will be dope.
Charlamagne, Do you ever think we will ever see Gucci back on The Breakfast club? Also, thank you for being the most honest person in the industry! I don't talk to niggas after 5pm and Gucci Mane is one of those niggas I don't think I want to talk at all. He scares me!!
Top five movies?? My Top 5 Movies. Paid In Full, The Lion King, Young Black Cheerleaders Vol. 32, Friday, and My Girl.
Who was the most interesting interview and why? Who was the biggest bore? I love interviewing all the legends. Jay Z, Fat Joe, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule, Goodie Mobb, those are guys I grew up on and have been fans of for years so having convo's with them is the best. Nobody has even been boring but we did an interview with Paul Mooney that he never aired because I respect people's opinions but he just came off as very racist. I don't mind you expressing your opinion but he just seemed very prejudice...
You seem kinda sexist. All men are sexist. First thing men think when they see a woman is "Would I bang her or not?" Now if you're smart you eventually get past those thoughts but the mere fact that I thought that makes me a sexist.
What is your ideal breakfast? My ideal breakfast Grits, Scrambled Eggs, and turkey sausage.
What is your ideal lunch? Do you ever tweet pictures of your food? Lunch Ox tails and rice and no i'm not the social media take pics of my food type guy.
Do you know how Wendy Williams feels about your success now? I have no idea how Wendy feels. I love and respect the position she put me in tho.
When are you getting married to your baby mother? Don't know when i'm getting married.
Do you think Drake would ever come on the show, if so what would be the first thing you say to him? I don't think he would but the first thing I would say to him is "Good Morning Fair Lady"
How competitive are the internships over at Power 105? Very. These kids are ruthless. I love them. I love keeping that young energy around me. They are brilliant they keep me sharp and I get to assist in shaping the future.
How does one become a member of the GuyCode family? Are most of you just scouted at events or did you go to a casting call? Also, love the show, it's hilarious. Settle this for me, if a woman uses about 75% of the toiletries in the house, mind you these are roommates, should the guy still pay for everything? I have to and it's bullshit. #CodeGang is like the Illumanati. We are a tight bunch. The ark is kind of closed. We don't take kindly to newcomers. It's a lot of hazing that the NCAA doesn't approve of that goes into this Code thing. It wasn't a casting it's more like an Illumanati sacrifice. Damn shame what happened to those hamsters.
How does the "guy court" show relate to music? How does the Guy Court show relate to music? Good question. I'm not sure it does honestly other than the fact we all love music!!
Are you OK with MTV's shift away from music-centric programming, or do you feel that it has caused it to lose its identity? I think MTV is a lifestyle station. They do a lot of things centered around the lifestyle wheter it's music with the Miley Doc or Kesha's reality show, social media craze with "Catfish" people's obsession with wanting to be in relationships like Andrew Schulz's "The Hookup" or something we are all obsessed with WOMEN with "Girl Code" the culture is bigger than music so MTV has grown with it and reflects that.
How do you stay motivated? The fact that i'm from Moncks Corner SC and nobody from where i'm from is doing what i'm doing or has done what I have done so I have to finish the task. Don't know where this journey is taking me but we going to keep going!!
Are you and Lil Duval friends in real life? Absolutely. That's my guy.
Hey Charlamagne. Listened to you way back when on Wendy's show and the video interviews from Power105 have me rollin. Love your new crew, but I miss you and Wendy throwin grease tellin truths. Top 3 Donkeys of The Year...Kanye Kardashian, George Zimmerman, and I would say Amanda Bynes...
What should we expect from earl sweatshirt in the future? I haven't heard anything from Earl I like but I hear a lot of people speak highly of him and i'm fans of the Odd Future crew so I'm not going to count him out...
Huge fan. Will Chris Brown or 50 Cent ever sell 1M records again? That's a good question. We live in a weird era when people are off you they seem to be off you. I used to say you one hit away but I don't know now...
Charlamagne! I know you love interviewing the Legends, do you have anyone lined up for an interview that you are really excited about? Also, mad respect to you for being honest and unfiltered. Yes Ashanti. Don't know why but i'm excited to hear from Ashanti.
You speak about vintage vagina and women who have vintage vagina, but what defines such a women? Any women 40 and up is considered vintage vagina. As long as their aging like wine and not milk they are vintage. IE Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Nia Long.
Hey Charlamagne. Thanks for AMA! Do you ever feel like a real lawyer on Guy Court? Yes! Very much so it's hard for me to get out of character. I see Schulz or Jordan Carlos and address them as "Hello Council"
of all big fan. has something you said about someone on the breakfest club ever gotten you in trouble? when you see someone you said something about how do they react to you? If you call people trying to attack me outside of the radio station trouble. Yes. I've only been approached by two artist Busta Rhymes and MGK and neither one of them was happy but I don't care...
Hey Charlamagne! Will you be at the Carolina/Clemson game this year?! Damn Right!!! I'm home all next week because it's Thanksgiving so I will be there.
Charlamagne! Big fan here, also a college student thinking about broadcasting. Could you tell us your favorite parts about TV and your favorite parts about radio? My favorite parts about both are just being able to communicate with people. I love communicating with folks!!
Is there any black actor that's going to picked up Wesley Snipes' mantle? Wesley Snipes had a mantle? Denzel Will Smith got mantles. Wesley Snipes I don't think he had a mantle.
Have you ever thought of asking Wendy to come do the show? Also you should start doing spreecast again..when u did that a few times a couple years ago that shit was dope. I miss Spreecast!! Yes I need to start doing that again. I would love to chop it up with Wendy. I'm sure we will in the future.
Melanie iglesias. please tell me you hit that. No. Not at all. Friend Zone All Day. That's my good friend. I really appreciate her. She's one of the coolest people you will ever meet in your life. She's got a great heart can't wait until the world gets to know her past that pretty face of hers!
Name a time Lil Duval has broken Guy Code with you. When women tell him things like "tell Charlamagne I'm mad at him" he will say things like "Oh he sold you a dream and you brought one?" Never tell a chick we are selling dreams!!!
What would i have to do to make Cthagod my mentor..i feel i can learn alot from u..also im a huge fan, i have been following ur work since you was with Wendy Williams Just follow me on Twitter. I'll give you my emails. You can hit me up for advice anytime. My homegirl told me last night I need to stop being so nice to everybody and running around with a cape on but I can't help it! I enjoy helping people if I can.
Who are your top 5 emcee's in the game right now. I'm a just use all new school MC's J Cole, Wale, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Drake.
Bruh, why won't you leave Drake alone... he's all us Canadians got! Not true!!! Ya'll have Justin Bieber, Alan and Robin Thicke and WOLVERINE!! I have the superhero Wolverine tatted on my arm!!
Who's the funniest person on guy code and guy court. Other than yourself obviously. Also Melanie Iglesias is already following me on twitter. How about you hit me up with a follow. @ropezgonzalez. Man the whole cast is hilarious. My Personal favorites are Andrew Schulz, Jon Gabrus, Duval, and D Lemon.
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