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2020.09.23 16:48 dudemanjenkins448 No Man’s Sky (PS4)

I was a big fan of Subnautica, more so for the exploration and Base-building aspects of the game (you get numb to the scary fish after a while), and I was looking for something similar. Playing on PS4, it recently went on sale. I’ve heard it’s come around a lot since launch, and my impression is it’s a good game now with lots to do. Is it worth purchasing on sale?
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2020.09.23 16:39 wet_breadlord Lungfish: Cave food

Despite the aquatic update, I do feel there is still a lack of fish in the game; as a matter of fact, no new fish were added other than the tropical fish as all the new fish mobs were simply mob versions of items around since ancient Minecraft. With an impending cave update, I feel this is an opportunity for one of my favorite animals to be introduced to the game: the Lungfish. This is actually the second time I've made this suggestion, but this time I'm actually putting way more effort into it.
Lungfish are passive mobs that spawn rarely in deserts, savannahs, mesas and jungles in any body of water, no matter how big or small, deep or shallow (no oceans). They are 4 pixels wide and 1 block long. As fish type mobs, they can be scooped up via a bucket and transported around. However, unlike other fish, they have 12 hitpoints (6 hearts), 2 hitpoints more than the other fish mobs.
Lungfish also have some special behavioral traits. If another fish type mob swims within 1-2 blocks of it (tropical fish, salmon, cod), it turns to attack and kill it. When not killing other fish, it generally remains idle on the ground. However, it will surface every 2 minutes to breathe air, darting to the surface and going back down. When breathing they don't attack other fish, but resume their normal behavior once returning to the rivepond/lake bed. You can't breed or tame them (unfortunately). Something else though. When out of water, they display one of two behaviors depending on what block they are on. If they are on any block excluding dirt and sand type blocks, they flop around for quite a while before dying. If they are on sand or dirt type blocks however, they begin to burrow into the soil and disappear. Now, dirt and sand type blocks have a property called "fishegg"; when the lungfish burrows into this block, the property value is set from 0 to 1. I will talk about this in a bit.
Now here's the fun part. Lungfish... drop one bone when killed, and lets face it, you can get more bones from a skeleton farm. So what's their purpose then? You see, deep in caves of all biomes, whether under the sea or in the coldest taiga, every naturally spawning dirt/sand/gravel type block you see has a 1% chance to have the fishegg tag. Meaning yes, there are lungfish all over the world in many blocks you see. When a block with the fishegg tag is mined, they have a 100% chance to drop a lungfish cocoon. Lungfish cocoons are a block which has a few purposes. Firstly, if you place it in any body of water, a lungfish emerges from the cocoon and behaves normally like a normal lungfish would. Alternatively, you can cook the cocoon in a furnace or smoker to provide you with a cooked lungfish. It may not seem like much, but one lungfish restores 10 hunger points (5 health bars) and 15 saturation points. That means cooked lungfish gives the highest amount of hunger points (higher than cooked steak by 2 hunger points) and saturation points (higher than golden carrots by 0.6) of any food, making cooked lungfish a very filling meal. Alternatively if you don't feel like keeping a cool pet or aren't absolutely starving, you can leave the cocoon as a block on land in your house, maybe on a shelf as an ornamental abstract art piece.

''This is overpowered. 10 hunger points and 15 saturation, what are you thinking?''
Consider this: the lungfish mob in itself is rather uncommon, is only found in 4 biomes, don't drop anything when killed normally, and their rarity in underground dirt blocks is abysmal. Meaning, you can't farm this like pigs, cows or iron golems. Their purpose is to serve as a filling meal for a famished person wandering in the cave, so you don't starve to death while mining, not a mass farmable food source so you and your minecraft girlfriend can have a slimy eel date every other day.

''Mojang already said no killing of real life animals.''
Tell that to all the definitely-fictional pigs, cows, chickens etc. that I ate. And before you say that the new Mojang is pc and discourages that, tell that to the fictional pufferfish I killed and brewed a water breathing potion with. Lungfish aren't endangered either so this is fine.

''The behavior and entire mob part is unnecessary."
Guess that's why Mojang didn't make fish mobs in the aquatic update while everyone was fine with them as little trinkets you catch while fishing. And tell that to foxes, which serve no other purpose other than being cute.

I guess that's all the suggestions for now. I'll get back with a suggestions site post soon. I don't usually like to play this card, but I hope the new gods view this favorably so it gets to hot where others can see it. I think that's all for now. Oh, and remember to leave feedback in the comments. Thanks!

Wait, I forgot the model. Here it is:
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2020.09.23 16:34 fizzytube Joker Slot Gaming Online

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